For All Women — Daughters

For All Women

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My theme for Marjory Warren is For All Women. These three words are very important to me. As I get older I have developed an unsung connection with my gender. Many of us are too scattered across our paths, with no anchor and no connection with our female counterparts. These three words are very strong words as a collective. Like many of you reading this blog, I am a 50+ woman. Like you, I am also dealing with relevancy for myself. I am dealing with ageism in our society, I am dealing with the question “Who am I now?”  "Who do I...

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Everything Looks Better in Black & White

Daughters helpwomen imageperfection Multigenerational selfimage Women

Everything Does Look Better in Black & White Besides using this old saying to promote my store and show you great stuff that I have in it, I am trying to remember when the last time I have ever used this saying. Paul Simon originally used the line in his song Kodachrome "Everything looks worse in black and white." He changed them years later to "Everything looks better in black and white." He is quoted to saying the song is about the distortion of reality. So how can I wrap this around style and clothing and women and body...

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We Are All In It Together

Daughters Feminism Mothers Multigenerational Women

As we approach Mother's Day, store owner Chris Warren reflects on her own experience as a mother and a daughter, and above all her experience as a woman: I am a 55 year old woman with a 20 year old daughter. The 25 years age difference has become something precious to me as she continues to develop into a wonderful young woman. Her present age, I have decided is a launching pad. "As I watch [my daughter], I revisit my own early womanhood." She is now a woman and as I watch her, I revisit my own early womanhood. As...

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