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Spring Starts Next Week

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We all have our Own Style.

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Small is Sometimes Good

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I had lots and lots of women in my store the other day! I have a small store so lots mean 3. Sometimes I stand in the hallway to give the ladies extra room but if I am needed  I stand in the middle of the room and direct traffic like an Air Traffic Controller. Small is sometimes good. I don’t have to move my footing, just pivot as I multi-task until all questions are answered, all needs are met and happily, purchases are made. It is interesting to watch people interact in a small space. We all have to be...

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We All Have Talents

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A customer came yesterday, took a slow gaze around my little store and offered me an incredible business idea. I am not going to tell you because I think it is that awesome, but the core value of the idea really hit me. WE ALL HAVE TALENTS. We all have something of value to offer. The we I am talking about is the women over 50 crowd. Getting older is not the most exciting prospect.My hips can attest to that! What I have recognized lately is all the accumulative knowledge, talent, wisdom...whatever you want to call it.... I possess and...

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The Psychology of Season Change

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  Did you know to help control impulse shopping, eating a a few pieces of chocolate will increase glucose production which curbs grabbing off the shelves! Being a retailer, I really shouldn’t be divulging this information but I like my customers and I wanted to share this tidbit of information. Just another good reason to eat chocolate! Needless to say I will not be offering chocolate treats at the door! I do need to sell stuff!                   Labor Day is next week. The prime indicator that summer is officially over. Most of the...

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The Color Engine

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  The Fashion Industry would screech to a halt without the constant change and turnover of styles and colors. I have just assumed this is geared towards engaging young women and men that crave and follow this type of never ending cycle. Personally, I have always found it exhausting to keep up. I have learned over the years, begrudgingly at times, this is the way of our world and I have to accept this constant turning engine. So be the introduction of the New Fall Colors presented by The Pantone Color Institute along with its executive director Leatrice Eiseman.   Sometimes I...

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