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Stop Coloring Your Hair?

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Going Gray

Sitting outside and collecting my thoughts at a local restaurant last summer, I was upset with myself for chickening out! My intent on this Friday night was to head straight to my hair salon, get a pixie cut and grow it white. Instead, I was eating a cheeseburger and drinking a beer.

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Valentines Day, Katharine Hepburn & Full Cut Pants

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O.K. I am thinking. I am thinking of Katharine Hepburn all week and for a few reasons. Firstly, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy had a 26-year love affair and that is 26 years of Valentine celebration for the two of these love birds. Not ignoring the fact Tracy was a married man and laying down no judgments on my part, love is love according to cupid. Katharine epitomized the modern woman of the 20th-century U.S.A. Unconventional, fiercely independent and possessing a spirited personality until the day she passed, she was a beauty I loved to watch...

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