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Spring Colors 2020

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As spring approaches, we say goodbye to cold, gloomy days and welcome sunshine and warm weather with open arms.  As spring comes closer and we begin packing up our winter coats, Pantone is ready with it’s Spring Colors for your wardrobe consideration.

Flame Scarlet is the color of spring tulips. The color of confidence and determination. This color would make any woman feel empowered. It is the color of passion, desire, and love. Flame Scarlet is a color packed with emotion and feelings that would add a sense of intensity to your wardrobe. 

Classic Blue,  the color of the clear night skies and the color of ocean water our marine life calls home. Both forces that cannot be tied down or controlled, blue is the color of freedom. Darker shades of blue are seen as elegant, adding a level of sophistication to an outfit.

Orange Peel, the color of multilayered marigolds, is an all-around exciting and happy color. Orange possesses the intense energy of the color red, toned down by the joy and playfulness of the color yellow It is a color that draws attention and stands out in a crowd. A bright, hot color, orange is a perfect color to wear as the temperatures begin to rise. 

Grape Compote, the color of Amethyst, is the color of royalty. Purple radiates the powerful energy of red but is balanced out by the calmness of blue. Purple is related to wealth and extravagance. Purple exudes high status and demands respect. 

Coral Pink is a delicate color. Often associated with women, coral pink is a soft, feminine color that gives off a nurturing and calming aura to those exposed to it. As a color representing love, affection, and compassion.  Similar to the color of springtime flowers, coral pink is a delightful, captivating color that adds gentleness to an outfit. 

Serene Biscay Green, the color of clear ocean waters is cheery and light, linked to emotions of tranquility and peace. Similar to coral pink, this color releases a calming aura. 

Cheerful Saffron, the color of crocus threads. Comparable to sunshine, saffron is an illuminating color. This golden-orange  is linked to new beginnings and wisdom. Warm and energetic, saffron is the perfect color heading into spring to prepare yourself for the enlightenment and adventure a new season will bring.

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Valentines Day, Katharine Hepburn & Full Cut Pants

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O.K. I am thinking. I am thinking of Katharine Hepburn all week and for a few reasons. Firstly, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy had a 26-year love affair and that is 26 years of Valentine celebration for the two of these love birds. Not ignoring the fact Tracy was a married man and laying down no judgments on my part, love is love according to cupid. Katharine epitomized the modern woman of the 20th-century U.S.A. Unconventional, fiercely independent and possessing a spirited personality until the day she passed, she was a beauty I loved to watch...

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