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Supporting Fair Trade

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  Supporting Fair Trade The longer I operate my store, the more educated I become concerning ethics in retail. For me, I think it has been a slow start, but now, I am really absorbing the ramifications of what I buy for resale in my store effects global humanity. Obviously, I am a tiny store with a tiny footprint in this industry, but I don’t care. My choices add to others and as a collective, we make a difference and hoping a huge difference in people’s lives. As a buyer, it is very tricky to work with honest companies from...

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Stop Coloring Your Hair?

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Going Gray

Sitting outside and collecting my thoughts at a local restaurant last summer, I was upset with myself for chickening out! My intent on this Friday night was to head straight to my hair salon, get a pixie cut and grow it white. Instead, I was eating a cheeseburger and drinking a beer.

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