Stylist Help

Christine Warren Stylist

As a stylist, Chris relies on body line to find a woman’s best clothing choices. She will analyze the lines of the body in structure (how weight is distributed) and proportion. She takes into account the lines of shoulders, hairstyle, and jaw. Chris will help you select clothing with the features that improve your body’s lines, for instance, tapered pants or loose pants each affect and even free up the overall line.

Says Chris Warren: “A woman needs an artist to zero in on the silhouette. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in Chanel or H&M. It has nothing to do with your age. You draw a map of yourself and highlight the important areas. A change of neckline does so much. For instance, a heart shaped face and jaw generally needs a scoop neck rather than a v-neck.”    

Marjory Warren Boutique has a solid reputation on the Upper East Side for stocking the comfortable separates that adapt to work and formal occasions. The shop also stocks an irresistible selection of long scarves and interesting jewelry. “Accessories can influence and improve a body line,” says Chris. "A long necklace can elongate a neck. Scarves improve the over all silhouette. ”