What We Accompish

I spent the morning in a showroom ordering clothing for the fall season. A very nice woman owns the business and is always a lot of fun spending a few hours with her. We end up generally talking about business, how slow the clothing industry has become and then center our conversation with our online work.

We are both learning the ropes at the same time. I see a mannequin standing in the corner of the showroom, in front of a white paper backdrop and a light umbrella aimed, ready for the next shoot. The paper is falling off the frame it is taped to.There is an intern trying to retape the  paper backdrop but is fumbling and needs assistance. My store opens in 50 minutes and it is a 45 minute subway ride, if I am lucky. I know everything she is going through and how overwhelming the process is. I want to stay and help.

We are just two women in this city, single handedly and sometimes desperately trying to be a one man band….I will rephrase...a one woman band.

We discuss how often to send out email campaigns: use Constant Contact or MailChimp? Although she is a wholesaler and I am a retailer our needs are the same. Trying to lure our customers to buy our product.

We discuss shooting for our websites. It has become a separate job and a new career. We now have to do everything. Lighting is the Bitch! Staying up all night downloading product after working all day in our business.

We both keep working, keep learning, often  too busy to recognize what we are accomplishing.

She invigorates me I feel a camaraderie. It is a nice feeling.

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