About Us

History of Marjory Warren Boutique

Marjory Warren Boutique has lived and breathed women's clothing and accessories in New York City for 40 years.

Originally located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Marjory Warren Boutique came into being as a craft studio where the eponymous Marjory Warren or “Marj” held specialty quilting classes. Eventually, she branched out to constructing hand-crafted appliques and similar items.  The creations were immediately popular with her quilting class and soon, she found herself adorning the clothing of neighborhood women who by word of mouth had heard of her personalized creations. Ever increasing demand quickly allowed a move to Madison Avenue, where she expanded her inventory to include clothing, jewelry, and accessories for a certain type of discerning New York woman.

Marjory Warren Boutique enjoyed a 30+ year run on the Upper East Side, attracting new and familiar faces from the neighborhood and beyond. Casual yet artistic, whimsical clothing dressed a diverse group of women seeking comfort and style intheir clothing and accessories.

Owned by family member Chris Warren, the store experienced a brief relocation to the East Village, where Chris introduced the store's vintage collection and brought in new and interesting lines of conscientiously-sourced comfort clothing and artisan jewelry.

In December 2014, Marjory Warren Boutique returned to its Upper East Side roots.  

Now, since the Pandemic, the brick and mortar store has closed, but Marjory Warren Online continually moves the business forward. Still located in NYC. Local pickups and shipping always available.