Collection: Women's Elastic Waist Pants

Women's Elastic Waist Pants are our specialty. Always easy fit, easy wear and unique styles. Our pants have an elastic waist our customers love so much. We are always on the lookout for Women's Elastic Pants with a touch of artistic appeal. Many of our pants are made of natural and easy care fabrics, so appealing to add to your closet.

  • Linen Loose Fit Pant

    Regular price $ 125.00 USD
    Regular price Sale price $ 125.00 USD
    Smiling older woman wearing loose fit plaid linen pants with a vintage tablecloth shortsleeve top.
  • Kantha Full Cut Pant

    Regular price $ 125.00 USD
    Regular price Sale price $ 125.00 USD
    Fun patchwork kantha pants with lots of prints and colors on a black background.
  • Cotton Twill Lantern Pant

    Regular price $ 115.00 USD
    Regular price Sale price $ 115.00 USD
    Grey haired woman modeling saddle green colored cotton twill lantern shaped pant with a loose fit purple jersey knit top.
  • Lantern Textured Pant

    Regular price $ 128.00 USD
    Regular price Sale price $ 128.00 USD
    Woman standing in park wearing a fall-winter stylish outfit. A grey wool shawl, black long sleeve tee and grey loose fit textured pants with a grey bucket hat.
  • Comfortable Cotton Pant

    Regular price $ 115.00 USD
    Regular price Sale price $ 115.00 USD
    Loose fit cotton navy pants worn with a bright turquoise elbow length sleeved tee.
  • Palazzo Trousers

    Regular price $ 78.00 USD
    Regular price Sale price $ 78.00 USD
    Stylish older woman wearing a jade cotton vest, yellow tee, white pants and bright jewelry with red sandles.
  • Curved Crop Pant

    Regular price $ 155.00 USD
    Regular price Sale price $ 155.00 USD
    Older woman modeling a boxy plum colored top with loose fit crop pants. Styles with a funky bracelet and colorful scarf.
  • Linen Crop Pant

    Regular price $ 63.00 USD
    Sale price $ 63.00 USD
    Women wearing a pair of grey linen cropped summer pants and a loose fit cotton coral blouse. She is also wearing a pair of woven coral earrings. She is standing infront of a brick wall.
    Sold out
  • Linen Lantern Pant

    Regular price $ 115.00 USD
    Regular price Sale price $ 115.00 USD
    Full cut black linen women's pant with a bottom ruffled white drape blouse being worn by a woman with shoulder length grey hair. She is standing on a New York City street.
  • Bottom Pleat Pant

    Regular price $ 130.00 USD
    Regular price Sale price $ 130.00 USD
    Woman over 60 wearing Black and White Polka Dot women's top with an elastic waisted loose fit black pant and lightwieght wooden statement necklace
  • Seamly Linen Pant

    Regular price $ 54.00 USD
    Regular price $ 108.00 USD Sale price $ 54.00 USD
    Black linen pant with elastic waist and to pockets.
    Sold out
  • Full Leg Crinkle Pant

    Regular price $ 47.50 USD
    Regular price $ 95.00 USD Sale price $ 47.50 USD
    Woman with grey hair walking down a street. She looks stylish wearing a loose fit open long sleeve black jacket and boxy full cut pants.
  • Full Cut Crop Pant

    Regular price $ 62.50 USD
    Regular price $ 125.00 USD Sale price $ 62.50 USD
    Full Cut Crop Pant
    Sold out
  • Linen Crop Pant

    Regular price $ 49.00 USD
    Regular price $ 98.00 USD Sale price $ 49.00 USD
    Pale bluish grey linen pant with side pockets worn with a cropped linen shortsleeve blouse. The woman wearing this outfit is smiling.
    Sold out
  • Easy Crop Linen Pant

    Regular price $ 45.00 USD
    Regular price $ 90.00 USD Sale price $ 45.00 USD
    Woman smiling wearing linen loose cut natural color pants with a linen dolman sleeve top and a soft linen scarf.
    Sold out
  • Cropped Linen Black Pant

    Regular price $ 48.00 USD
    Regular price $ 88.00 USD Sale price $ 48.00 USD
    Women with long grey hair pulled back wearing a sleeveless v neck tunic and black taper legged crop pants.