QUIZ: What's Your Body Type

Think of how many times in your life you've picked out your clothes.  Wake up, grab some coffee, stare at your closet and an all too familiar inner struggle starts:  "Does this shirt go with these pants?" we think, skimming our closet. "If I wear this sweater will it sit on my hips the right way?"  "Can I get away with these shoes and this dress?" and finally, the inevitable "I have nothing to wear!"

Clothing should be a pleasure, not a chore.

But clothing should be a pleasure, not a chore -an expression of your taste and a celebration of your body.  We come in all shapes and sizes, and the goal is to accentuate that, not to hide it. 

The goal is to accentuate, not to hide.

Play to your strengths, darlings. That's what we're doing here with our online style quiz.  Answer these few questions and never stare at your closet in frustration again.  Well, at least not until next season...

QUESTION 1: Where do you carry most of your weight?

A) My weight is emphasized at both my bust and my hips.

B) My weight is evenly distributed throughout my body.

C) Above my waist.

D) Below my waist.

QUESTION 2: What is the widest part of your silhouette?

A) My shoulders and my hips.

B) My silhouette is proportioned equally, with no clear curves inward or outward.

C) My chest.

D) My hips.

QUESTION 3: What type of waist do you have?

A) Defined, sloping inward below the bosom and outward again towards the hips.

B) Straight, spanning the same width from my shoulders to my hips.

C) Full, with the widest part of me directly above my hips.

D) Defined, with the widest part of my directly below my waist.

QUESTION 4: Where is the first place you gain weight?

A) My butt.  Grrr.

B) My stomach.  Waah.

C) My breasts. Yay?

D) My hips. Booo.


If You Answered Mostly 'A's: You're an Hourglass

Hats off -you're an hourglass, the most typically celebrated body shape in Western culture. You have a tiny, short waist with a proportional bust and hips, though you aren't necessarily large-breasted. Hourglass figures need an open neckline to break up the breadth of their chest.  Choose dresses that lift your bosom to help elongate your waist. Jackets and tops with a cinched waist will help accentuate your small waist and prevent the tenting lollipop look of excess fabric.  Avoid boxy tops and dresses. Soft, body hugging fabrics work well to accentuate your figure. Famous hourglass figures include Halle Berry, Marilyn Monroe and the one and only Jessica Rabbit. Va va voom!

Suggested looks for the hourglass:

This Elbow Length Knit Dress  , This V Neck Pompom Tunic, This Dropside Tank

If You Answered Mostly 'B's: You're a Rectangle
Congrats! You're a rectangle.  You have broad shoulders and your waist is not accentuated.  Your bust and hips are perfectly proportional.  Usually, the rectangle has a larger ribcage.  This consistency lends to the ability to wear clothes that may look too severe or clunky on other body types. Work in prints with patterns that can help lead the eye to curving lines. Chunky, fun accessories help break out your versatile shape. Show off wrists and forearms with ¾ length sleeves. And lucky you, unlike most, wide leg pants and tulip cut skirts are your friend. Famous rectangles include Kim Cattrall, Jennifer Hudson and Sheryl Crow -yowzas!

Suggested looks for the rectangle:

This Ruffle Tank Dress, This Slight Dropside Hem Tank Dress, These Crossover Pants

If You Answered Mostly 'C's: You're an Apple
Hello lady, you're an apple! The apple shape is among the most common of body types, especially as a woman gets older. Particularly after menopause, a woman's waist can fill out adding to further accentuate an apple shape. Most apple waists and breasts are larger than the hips.  The apple figure has a broad back and longer, thinner legs. The apple can take her style cues from the rectangle, but should never accentuate her waist.  Empire cut tops and dresses are great for you, as they cinch the smallest part of your torso and help lift your breasts, creating an illusion of elongation. You should avoid clingy fabrics, and seek V necklines and flared hemlines to balance your form. Longer jackets with front openings look great on you, too. Famous apple figures include Opra, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Angelina Jolie -formidable!

Suggested looks for the apple:
This Loose Fit Cardigan, This Reversible Mid-length Jacket, These Pleated Flood Pants


If You Answered Mostly 'D's: You're a Pear

Felicitations, you're a pear! The pear figure has a small bust, smallish shoulders, a long torso and wide hips. Usually the pear can have heavier legs. You don't necessarily have a large butt, but your weight is mostly on the lower half of the body and the leg length is shorter. You have a defined waist. The pear is a very feminine shape. The pear figure needs balance, balance, balance. Fill out the shoulders with a more structured sleeve or even a shoulder pad. Open the neckline to give the illusion of broader shoulders. Use pattern, color, texture and accessories on the top part of your body to balance your hips. Detail the waist with a belt. Famous Pear Figures include Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sandra Bullock and Beyoncé.  You're a queen!

Suggested looks for the pear:

This Tie Up Dress, This A-Line Wrap Skirt, This Ribbon Front Dress

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