Look in The Mirror Ladies

Looking and feeling good is about self acceptance.

Have you ever seen a woman wearing a bikini on a beach and thought to yourself “Why would she wear that?"  Why not instead look at this woman and think to yourself “Good for her!" We are all programmed to expect perfection, to judge others and ourselves harshly if this is not achieved. We ridicule those that don't attempt to hide their imperfections. The “we” I am talking about are mostly women. Sadly, this box we have put ourselves in has been built over the course of history generally by our counterparts….men. The worship of youth and it's perfections that go along with has been a collective since the beginning of mankind. Strong youthful bodies and asymmetrical features represented positive attributes for mating and successful spawning of children…

.I keep hoping we have evolved. Sadly, it doesn't look like it. Image perfection is so ingrained in our culture, in our media, in our daughters, in our minds and in our reflections. Sadly, many women judge their physical acceptance in the mirrored reflection in not just men’s eyes, but our sisters as well.

 Can we look in the reflection of our own mirror for acceptance ladies?

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