For All Women

My theme for Marjory Warren is For All Women. These three words are very important to me. As I get older I have developed an unsung connection with my gender. Many of us are too scattered across our paths, with no anchor and no connection with our female counterparts. These three words are very strong words as a collective. Like many of you reading this blog, I am a 50+ woman. Like you, I am also dealing with relevancy for myself. I am dealing with ageism in our society, I am dealing with the question “Who am I now?”  "Who do I want to be in the next stage of my life?" I am a divorced woman.I am a mother. I am my own keeper. I am my own judge and jury.

For All Women signifies unity of women. We are all ages, all cultures, all sizes, all colors and all income groups. Our lives are all connected being the same gender. We can relate to the same issues, the same struggles, the same heartaches and the same pleasures.

This blog representing this store Marjory Warren and myself will hopefully represent a little in all of us. I hope as it unfolds you will enjoy it!

Chris Warren

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