Look Great At Any Age

We can look great at any age!
The trick is not to compare yourself to others.
You know when you are at your best.
You catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror before flying out the door and think,
‘Great hair day today!’ or ‘Where’s my hat?'


 None of us are perfect. OMG! As we get older, we are definitely NOT! :)

 So, my new rule

to myself is, accept myself, accept my face, accept my body and stare down with evil eyes
anyone that wants to put me down! You are an apple shape?
Accept it!
A Pear Shape from my grandmother?
It's almost impossible to fight genetics!
That doesn’t mean if you want to eat better and go to yoga you skip out.

It means try to change the things we want to change and accept the things we don’t.


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