Mother Daughter Shopping

 So much information is exposed in such a short time.

The dynamics of a mother/daughter relationship unfolds before my eyes. Sometimes, very entertaining, other times not so much, but many times heartfelt.
My favorite visits occur when both ladies enjoy my clothing and find each other outfits off the rack. I am constantly surprised when the daughter emerges from the dressing room wearing a big smile on her face along with an outfit or separate she looks and feels great in. Previously, a similar piece she is trying on had been sold to a much older woman. I am always amazed how an article of clothing can look so good yet so different on different age women and even sometimes different body types. Watching both women try on clothing is like witnessing a science experiment.This is what shopping should be at times.

Trial and error. Trial and error.

Many of us have settled into comfort zones and uniforms over the years. I push women to step out of these safe patterns and make an effort to try on an article of clothing  they would dismiss as 'Not for Me'!
 Honestly, I fall into the same trap.
A customer comes in and immediately I process their body type, clothing size and acknowledge what kind/color of outfit they are currently wearing. Then when thumbing through the clothing racks, my real job kicks in and  I start visiting pieces initially I wasn’t thinking of pulling for my customer.

 I start getting a little creative.
This process doesn’t always work. Sometimes we don’t have time to play  and explore. When we do, the outcome has its surprises. This is why mother/daughter shopping is such an informative session for women and myself. They start to have fun and experiment.Then come the surprises! Not always a success, but when a happy customer walks out the door with a great blouse the daughter initially pulled for the mother, then tried on herself and loved it...
…..always a moment that I don’t forget. 
Be creative. Try a new color,play with different necklines, experiment with an assortment of pant styles….
you may really surprise yourself
...and go shopping with your mother :)


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