The Color Engine

The Fashion Industry would screech to a halt without the constant change and turnover of styles and colors. I have just assumed this is geared towards engaging young women and men that crave and follow this type of never ending cycle. Personally, I have always found it exhausting to keep up. I have learned over the years, begrudgingly at times, this is the way of our world and I have to accept this constant turning engine. So be the introduction of the New Fall Colors presented by The Pantone Color Institute along with its executive director Leatrice Eiseman.
Sometimes I take notice of a new color that is being introduced, especially if it has been close to a past favorite. Other times I take notice of a new color and cringe, asking myself

"What Were They Thinking?"

The more I investigate the history and rationale of choosing the bi annual color swatches, the more interest I have. At least there seems to be a process and much thought behind the unveiling. I just assumed a bunch of color swatches were thrown in a brown paper bag, Ms Eiseman put on a blindfold and picked a handful! :) Well, o.k, I was wrong. There are secret meetings in undisclosed locations around the world.

How James Bond of Them!


This leads me to introducing you to The Pantone Color palette of 2015. The  offering consists of many earthy neutrals. They represent a solidarity with grounding over scheduled and overwhelming lives.


The color choices reflect the similarities of the present with the 70’s. Our current cultural and economic situation mirrors the” financial unrest, international strife and climate change,”says Leatrice Eiseman of Pantone.” Earth tones offer a sense of rootedness and grounding, similar to what people were feeling the need for in the 70”s.”

The Fall Palette

is also a strong reflection of the androgynous 70’s. Remember Anne Hall? The “Androgynous look enabled the modern woman to look chic and confident. It is also particularly important for them in the enduring battle for gender equality in society,” quoting one fashion historian.

I do find revisiting the androgynous 70’s a little sad. I was hoping that today’s feminism drive does not need to be superficially represented with androgynous attire and colors like it did in the 70’s. Sadly, I think it still does, but that is another blog post.

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