We All Have Talents

A customer came yesterday, took a slow gaze around my little store and offered me an incredible business idea. I am not going to tell you because I think it is that awesome, but the core value of the idea really hit me.


We all have something of value to offer. The we I am talking about is the women over 50 crowd. Getting older is not the most exciting prospect.My hips can attest to that! What I have recognized lately is all the accumulative knowledge, talent, wisdom...whatever you want to call it.... I possess and can offer.

While  working on my website, I was in awe of the amount of work it took to get it up and running. I was also in awe of how undefined my job description really was, and is!

Learning the back end of a website,lighting for product photography, photo editing for product shots, entering all the product and data, product copy, trouble shooting all the problems and fixing them.....I could go one. What surprised me is how fluid the process became. The outcome can always be better and it will be a continuing process. What I took from this huge learning curve was I possessed many talents cultivated over my life time and many fell into place while I was working on this project. Many of the talents for the "new jobs" I had to take on I already owned, building them along my lifetime. I had just tucked them aside and happily brought them out front and center without even thinking twice. 

We all have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge, creativity, passions, along the way. I have started to recognize mine and appreciate them. I hope YOU CAN!

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