Small is Sometimes Good

I had lots and lots of women in my store the other day! I have a small store so lots mean 3. Sometimes I stand in the hallway to give the ladies extra room but if I am needed  I stand in the middle of the room and direct traffic like an Air Traffic Controller.

Small is sometimes good.

I don’t have to move my footing, just pivot as I multi-task until all questions are answered, all needs are met and happily, purchases are made.

It is interesting to watch people interact in a small space.

We all have to be polite, sharing time and space with others. Most of the times, women interact, jumping into an open conversation, adding their two cents, sometimes three. It adds to a supportive atmosphere. Occasionally not…..
that is why I have that little chair facing the corner…..
I truly love these times of women revery. We all have our own agendas, but a small, cozy space sometimes creates a little magic amongst ourselves.

And that is such a good feeling!


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