As we age what positive choices can we make?

50+ is Every Woman's New Beginning

How do you feel about getting older? "I'm over 50!" Did you ever think you would speak those words? Fifty is an astounding milestone, but not every woman is excited to reach it.

Let’s be honest, some days we love it, and some days we don't. And you know what? 

That’s totally normal. 

After all, the world constantly reminds older women (usually, a woman over 50) of their age like it’s a sin!

And when it comes to women’s clothing, it’s like fashion boutiques forget we love to dress up and look beautiful too. (Don’t worry, at least we didn’t forget!)

Beauty, to many people, is tied to youth. And the two ideas can seem almost inseparable as we get older.

But, beauty isn't a constant. It's always changing. I mean, that's the beauty of it, right?

The truth is, most of our society is failing to realize that there’s a lot to love about growing older, and a woman over 50 knows this firsthand!

So let's get together and celebrate this wondrous life journey, because a woman over 50 is fabulous, and we can give you 5 reasons why embracing age has been the biggest advantage of our natural lives!

#1: Learning to be Self-Confident

As a woman over 50, there’s obvious things we may not want to deal with right away. 

Can you say huge hormonal changes, anyone?

At times, we may miss the body (or skin!) we had when we were 25— like trying different makeup looks or switching up your style because we could literally wear any type of women’s clothing.

But, guess what? We can still do all of this, even now!

Despite the physical changes that come with being a woman over 50, women typically feel more comfortable in their bodies and less self-conscious about how they look as they get older.

Who would’ve thought? Oh that’s right, us!

Women over 50 have not given up their womanhood just because age is now a more obvious factor. 

We can still dress and style our bodies with confidence, because at some point we have to realize it’s the only one we have— and we should cherish it for as long as possible.

This beautiful self-acceptance, along with the benefits of menopause (freedom from unintended pregnancies!) often enables women to enjoy sex a lot more in their 50s too.

Now, that’s something to celebrate!

#2: Caring Less What People Think

Growing up, women typically care about what others think, at least to a degree. Caring is not always a bad thing, but when you don’t worry about somebody else's thoughts at all? 

You start to feel so free!

The teenage years are typically the peak of peer pressure and conformity for most women, while post-fifty years are the exact opposite. 

Some days we may find ourselves caring so little about how we look that we have to remind ourselves to be presentable when we leave the house.

Other days we may be bold enough to switch up our style of women’s clothing or makeup that we’ve been putting off due to the fear of judgement. 

Forget that, this is the time to experiment!

As a woman over 50 gets older, we tend to be more confident about what we can pull off and what we can’t fashion-wise. 

And even if you love to keep up with the trends, we don’t feel bound by them like we did when we were younger!

#3: Having More Time & Opportunity

Most of a woman’s adult life is filled with her family, home and career. Even with no regrets, (and there are NONE!) there wasn’t much time to focus on ourselves. Let’s face it, when you’re raising kids, it’s all about them, not us!

Aging gives us more time and opportunity to satisfy our curiosities by changing up our style of women’s clothing, trying unique makeup looks, joining a book club, or learning a new language. 

Many women find themselves having more time to eat healthier and get more exercise than they have in years, often reclaiming positive feelings about themselves that they enjoyed when they were younger.

Whether it’s a grand adventure overseas or camping in a nearby state park, new opportunities are everywhere for a woman over 50, because we have the time to do it!

As we get older, we’ll have many opportunities to serve others, make a difference in the world, and share our wisdom and experience with those who need our inspiration. 

The more we push ourselves into more uncomfortable places, the more we’re going to grow. 

How amazing is that?

#4: Improving Relationships

When we’re 20, our time may be limited with a girlfriend who lives two hours away to keep up the friendship. 

When we’re 50, we have more free time and resources to maintain friendships, family and others we love.

Our relationships with our children often improve as our daughters and sons become adults. 

Living on their own, adult children tend to appreciate the work their mothers did to help them have everything they needed in life. Lucky us, right?

Many of us become grandmothers for the first time in our 50s. So, we often rediscover the joy of having babies, toddlers and little ones in our lives.

And the benefits of handing them back to mommy or daddy when the day is done! 

With getting older comes a deeper understanding of the value of our romantic relationships. There is more time to refresh, improve, and enjoy our marriages or partners!

Even if you’re not married, you can dip a toe back into the dating pool, or make new friends by volunteering. You can be proactive and intentional about being a better parent to your adult kids, or even being the best mother-in-law you possibly can.

Turning 50 is momentous. This is the time to evaluate what's important, what needs to change and what doesn’t. 

Your optimism, hope, regret, and fear can determine your quality of life when you reach your next milestones—60, 70, 80, 90, and beyond.

This time of our life is the fresh start we’ve been soul searching for!

How can we help you look your best while celebrating your uniqueness? I don’t have all the answers, but one of them is to take a peek through our women's clothing boutique for the latest trends, style, fashion and accessories for older women like you who deserve to feel confident and empowered every day of their lives!

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