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My Mother's Jewelry Box

     My Mother's Jewelry Box

When scouting for vintage jewelry, I am always reminded of my mother’s jewelry box. Pieces that she owned were collected from her youthful days in the 1950’s and /or past on from her mother. I feel comfort in revisiting these pieces and enjoy the fact that so many women adore and respect what these artifacts signify.

One of my favorite past times is curating vintage jewelry. I can understand how collectors can become hoarders. Just look at the tables of jewelry at flea markets and vintage stores. It is hard to pass up a great deal and a beautiful piece. I really struggle with walking away.

I have been educating myself on the history of vintage jewelry this past year. Fashion combined with culture and history is always fascinating. Coco Chanel lead the way for costume jewelry during the 1920’s. Thanks to her brazen drippings of aesthetic and stylish pieces, costume jewelry became mainstream with women on the street to Hollywood ‘s Marlene Dietrich and Joan Crawford.

The middle-class could now collect an assortment of costume jewelry. This allowed a shift from fashion accessories symbolizing a family's heritage and wealth to affordable jewelry that allowed women to express their style and taste within their budget.

A part of me is that same little girl looking in my mother’s jewelry box when I examine the tables of jewelry at flea markets. I just want to play dress up, again. Thank you vintage jewelry!

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