Earth Day


I had no idea Earth Day started in 1970. I am sure the consensus back in the day, those initiating this incredible beginning were said to be a bunch of tree huggers, or called what my grandfather cried out when reading the newpaper...."Goddamn Hippie Freaks!"

 It is 46 years later.

Earth Day, as of last year, joins in to celebrate the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. As of today, 155 Delegates from 155 countries have signed on to be part of this United Nations  incentive.

Over the years, the indoctrination of this mindset has made me acutely aware of the state of our beautiful planet. I was going to write, 'I try my best to help in my day to day life', but I must retract.Taking inventory of my actionable undertakings, sadly I have to admit, I do not try my best. Sure, I recycle. Sure, I told my landlord the bathroom faucet is leaking. He has yet to fix it. I shut the bathroom door so I don’t hear the drip. I reuse my plastic bags I fill my groceries with. I constantly forget to bring my own shopping bag. I do refuse to use any styrofoam. I know that is a biggie! I even called a vendor offering my advice to stop shipping their sustainable products in bubble wrap and then posting the picture on social media. I am so good at telling others what they should and should not do! Maybe someone should point out to me to stop using all forms of cleaning solutions, eat organic food and refrain from eating my special cheeseburger so  we can reduce the number of farting cows on this planet, subsequently reducing the size of numerous ozone layer holes. I have yet to go to a rally, join a Meetup group that picks up garbage on a Sunday morning or even keep a steady eye on the achievements all these wonderful tree huggers are accomplishing!

Now that I am older I worry about the planet for my kids and my grandchildren. I think we all do. I take notice now of emerging generations taking on this worry with sincerity, clarity and massive determination. They get it! They get what most of us did not at their age. Thank God!....Better yet, Thank Earth!

My intern, alongside her peers, created an Earth Day Celebration at their school. I was proud to be a small part of it. I am  in awe of their initiative. It was a success and everyone had big smiles on their youthful faces at the end of the long Earth Day. A great sign for the future of our planet because they are the future of our planet!

After reading over this piece, I have made a promise to myself. I will bring a shopping bag next time I buy groceries and buy eco friendly trash bags. I will stop using bleach and make an effort to find an eco friendly replacement.  I will make another call to my landlord about the leaky faucet.

I cannot make promises about my special cheeseburger. Maybe next year I will be ready to give up cow……...

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