Is Your Figure a Pear Shape?

Are You A Pear Shape? 🍐🍐🍐

Take the quiz and find out.

Is the top portion of your figure smaller than your bottom portion of your figure?

Do you have small shoulders and toned arms?

Do you have a defined but longer waist?

Do you have saddlebags ( is the top of your thighs the widest part of your body)?

Do you have somewhat heavy thighs with thick calves?

    1. These are the basic questions to ask yourself if you have a Pear-Shaped Figure. If you have answered yes to most of these questions, you are probably a pear shape. I know defining yourself as a piece of fruit is a little obnoxious. Some name this shape a Triangle Shaped Figure. Feel free to send me your idea of a new and improved name for your Pear-Shaped Figure! I would love to get your input!    

      Pear Shaped Women's Body

      We are all born with a certain body structure, genetically passed on from our family.  Obviously, you can improve on it, but no matter how many times you workout, your basic structure is here to stay. Sometimes, we are so thankful for Aunt Dolly’s beautiful thick black hair and long lean legs and sometimes we curse our father’s side of the family for saddlebags that just won’t go away…. ever!

      What Shape Are You?

      You are standing in front of your mirror with your aunt’s gorgeous thick, shiny black hair and a body frame from Gramma Mary that resembles a pear. Look at yourself. You are narrow shouldered, a nicely defined waist and your weight is primarily setting up shop out on the lower part of your body.

      Generally, you have shorter legs that can lean to the heavier. Sometimes when we get frustrated with parts of our anatomy, hiding our entire figure is the simplest and easiest solution. I am here to say it really is  NOT!                                                          


                 DONT HIDE UNDER BAGGCLOTHING!                                            

      Clothing Layering

      Look at yourself like a Picasso painting. All the parts are there but some readjustments are needed; some visual realignment.

      When you finish your styling, your lines will make more sense and your silhouette will be amazingly balanced! You have become your own illusionist.

      Look in a full-length mirror and ask yourself how can you distract your eye from focusing on lower body? Well, the answer is making your eye focus on the top part of your body by deemphasizing your Gramma Mary’s saddlebags.

      What Boy Shape are You?

      Your Top Half

      It is simple. You are mostly small busted with a small waist; therefore, you can wear very feminine, wispy tops with ruffles and prints. You need to add a bit of bulk to the top half of your body. Wide necklines like a boat neck are great for adding the illusion of width to your shoulders. Ruffles and bows add fullness and balance your lower body. Horizontal stripes on top balance your lower half. Crop tops, strapless and halter tops create a wider shoulder for you. Jackets with upper detail, i.e. wider lapels, and structured sleeves. You can have lots of fun with color, pattern, and texture on your upper body. All of this will add emphasize on your top half and de-emphasize your bottom half.

      Play Dressup


      Play around with sleeve lengths. Broaden your shoulders with a short sleeve or cap sleeve.

      Use scarves, necklaces around your neck and shoulders. Crop jackets with wider lapels, and shrugs.

      Any kind of layering will add balance to the top half of your figure. Higher cut tops look good on you.

      A little short sleeve tee with a cropped vest and a scarf thrown around your neck works wonders on you!

      No problem cinching the waist. With the addition of pretty ruffles and broader necklines on top of your figure, you can now accentuate your waist. Look in the mirror. Your figure is already becoming more balanced.

      Your Bottom Half

      Below your waist is where you deemphasize your assets.

      Minimizing your lower half either by slimming or elongating. Pants must be either a straight leg or a wide leg. The wider bottom creates a clean straight-line skimming from your hip. Stay away from skinny pants, unless you wear a tunic ending exactly at the widest part of your hip and adding a boot ending just under your knee. Oh, and avoid big pockets. Beware of any extra that will add bulk. Flat front pants are your friend. Keep your below the waist garb darker in color than your tops. Stay away from bright colors, obvious textures, and bold patterns.


       A-Line skirts work very well fory you. This shape skims over your hips and hides your heavier legs. You can do a straight skirt with a cinched waist. Just stay away from clinging skirts.

      Dresses can be strapless, with a fitted waist and A Line flared bottom. The strapless style will visually emphases your shoulders, the fitted waist will emphasize your nice little waist and the flared A Line shirt will hide your hips. Put it all together and you look great! A straight dress with a cinched waist can work as well. Again, no clingy anything on the bottom half

      Shoes should not be too high. Heels will help lengthen your lower limbs and elongate your shape. Boots should cover your thicker calves and end just under your knee.


      Good Ideas to Follow for a Pear-Shaped Figure

      👗 Wear color, texture, and pattern on your top half

      👗 Accentuate your defined waist with fitted waistbands and belts

      👗 Wear straight or wider leg pants, straight and Aline skirts

      👗 Wear straight boots, a heavier high heel, and platform shoes to minimize your calves,

      Bad Ideas to Follow for a Pear-Shaped Figure

      👗 Don’t throw on oversized or baggy clothing to hide your figure.

      👗 Don’t wear bright colors, bold patterns, and texture on your lower body

      👗 Don’t wear clingy skirts and pants. Your worst enemy

      👗 Don’t wear delicate shoes. These will accentuate your heavier legs and calves.

      Own Your Shape! Teach yourself to Have Fun with Clothing and Style!


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