Baby Boomer Entrepreneurs

Being a Baby Boomer owning her own small business has massive time limitations. I fantasize what my business could be if only I had more life in front of me. It is a real issue. Sometimes I have ideas I would love to pursue and I often feel so limited because of father time. Don’t get me wrong. I still think ahead and have my plans, but I am a realist. This is an issue for baby boomer entrepreneurs. I like to keep my mind sharp and have something to look forward to, helping my business grow. Before I launched my eccommerce site last year, I discussed working on my site with an manufacturer of one of my clothing lines I sell. He actually told me not to do it. 

"It is too difficult and I really should be just a neighborhood store”.

Obviously this prompted me to work on my site even harder and it was the best thing I did for my business! If I limit myself  because of my age, I will fail. I look at this as the next chapter in my life and am learning, enjoying and driving myself more now than when I was younger.

‘Citing research from a Kauffman report, “The Future of Entrepreneurship: Millennials and Boomers Chart the Course for 2020,............

the percentage of firms created by Americans ages 55 to 64 grew more than any other age demographic, up 11 percent to 25.8 percent in 2014 versus 14.8 percent in1996 .’

This makes me so happy. Since I am a Baby Boomer, the accumulative talent and know how has helped me unarguably in my business. At first I surprised myself at times. “How do I know this?” “ When did I learn this?” Ahhh, the positive attributes of aging!!!

I will keep going, driven because anddespite my Baby Boomer years. I don’t care and neither should any of us.

Read Forbes article for more insight.

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