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Clothing for the Mature Woman

 Dressing older women for many years has opened my eyes to the needs, concerns, and frustrations of the mature generation.

. Our bodies are changing, but sadly, our clothing is not.
Some of us jog around Central Park every morning, and some of us are dealing with physical limitations due to ailments and our aging bodies. We are a mixed bag of women, and yet we experience most of the same body changes.
This is where clothing becomes an issue.
Finding clothing as we age can become very challenging. Everyone has their own self that they present to the world. Our self remains as our bodies age and evolve. Our self can get confused, frustrated and defeated without clothing available to help us go along with this journey.
The Progress of Age
What we wear when we are 20, is not what we wear when we were 40. What we wear when we are 50 is not what we are going to be wearing at 60 and this continues.
This is what I am talking about.

Our bodies are involved in a progression. Women need to be offered outfits to embrace this journey. It should always be exciting to choose what we wear and present ourselves to the world. Stylish clothing with good quality fabrics and shapes specifically aimed at our demographic. We need clothing we can continue to wear with adaptable styling.


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