Computer Basics! Helping My Customer with Online Shopping

Computer Basics! Helping My Customer with Online Shopping

Since my business is online, and my customer demographic is the baby boomer woman, I have taken notice of more questions and requests for help with some basic tech skills. 

I have always been sensitive to offering unsolicited directions. I never want to assume my customer doesn’t know how to perform simple tasks on her mobile or desktop.

I know now I need to step up to the plate. If my customer doesn't know how to maneuver from an email campaign to the attached website link, for example, she will not buy my product and sadly, will not be able to buy what she needs.

I will be rolling out some very simple directions to help make your online shopping easier. This is for the customer who really needs basic directions. If you have a specific question, feel free to reach out on this website through the messenger.

 This is the little icon to click on my website. You can reach out by leaving a question or concern if you need help maneuvering the website through your cell phone or computer.

This was your first lesson! HOW EASY IS THIS!


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