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Dressing an Appe Shape Body

The apple shape is the most common shape of women after menopause. Tummy fat keeps thickening our waists as we get older because of hormone change, and it is extremely difficult to keep it at bay. Apple shape woman generally have an average bust, her tummy is larger than her boobs, her butt is flat and her legs are average, and can be longer and thinner.

The Top Half

Because an Apple Shape figure is full around her middle, focus on the top half, away from your tummy. Look for shirts with an open front. A button down that can open the neckline, just above the cleavage. An empire waist is fitted underneath the boobs and is very flattering. This is the smallest measurement of her torso. Invest in a good bra and lift those girls up and away from the tummy. All tops should be loose enough to skim the tummy, cap sleeves loosely cupping the top of your arms, if you are comfortable with exposing them, and a wider v neck with a ruched waist

Avoid oversized or tight tees.

Look for jackets with an open neck and a tie at the waist creates camouflage and breaks up your torso. Jackets with open fronts look great on you too!

The Bottom Half

Again, the Apple figure needs balance and linear lines running vertically to visually break up the solid round torso.

Look in the mirror again. Start understanding your silhouette.

Your torso is solid and round, with all of your mass distributed center stage. If you throw on a pair of leggings, what do you think you would see in the mirror? So many women make this mistake. They try to put their thinnest feature forward but in doing so, their thick middle is over emphasized.

Balance, balance, balance is the answer!

The Apple figure needs balance. Always wear a fuller trouser; fullness around bottom works wonders and with less is more hardware around the middle. Find pants with a deeper waistband to help rest on the belly. Side zippers and flat front pants are really helpful which de-bulking the middle.

Skirts should also have a flat front and side or back zipper.

An inverted pleated skirt works great on an Apple's figure. Make sure the front is flat and the pleats start below the belly.

No bulky pockets to add weight and business around her middle.

Using color, pattern, and texture to break up her solid middle is a key to dressing an Apple figure type. 

Layering your top half, perhaps with a sweater of cardigan will refocus the eye on two elements instead of one. Add pattern or texture to one of these tricksters, and it is a

Win Win!

If you wear a solid color or print without breaking up the another layer, your torso can look larger than it is.

Another trick is vertical lines. Layer a top with an open jacket or cardigan with not closures

This will elongate your middle as this illusion helps break up your solid core and tricks the eye.

 Accessories can be extremely helpful!

Remember, the Apple figure needs to keep her neckline open, with a V-neck or a deep scoop. When adding accessories, keep this in mind. Absolutely use a scarf to break up your middle, but keep it either very loose and open around your neck, showing a lot of skin below the neck or leave it draped down, paneling both sides of your chest.

Necklaces can be of great help. Use them the same way as scarves. Longer necklaces will break up your torso and, again, lengthen your line and trick the eye to a slimmer middle

Footwear for an Apple figure is simple. Don’t go clunky and don’t go over petite. You need a little weight on your feet for balance but too much just adds more bulk.


Good Ideas To Follow for an Apple Figure

👗Use Color and texture to break up your middle

👗Wear v necks and deep scoops

👗Layering pieces on top can break up solid middle

👗Empire waists and a good bra are your friends

👗Fuller trousers. Fuller on bottom works well

Bad ideas Not To Follow

🙋No bulky anything around your middle! No pockets, zippers, etc..

🙋No belts

🙋Nothing fussy on your top half.

🙋No big lapels or no double breasted coats


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