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How Do I Buy For My Customer?

We all have our list of favorite eCommerce sites accumulated over time. Some sites we purchase from, some we wish we could afford to buy from and others we just like looking at it because everything is too gorgeous! 

These besties become favorites because we relate to them, and then we become a customer.

This brings me to a question I keep asking myself. Why do my customers follow Marjory Warren Boutique?

Why do my customers buy from my online store? What am I sourcing, buying, and selling that catches the eye of my customer? I can also ask what am I offering that discourages potential customers? What specifics are a deterrent? When I ask myself these questions, I start questioning how and what I am selling and to whom. I always decide to keep full steam ahead and continue on my own path, buy for the customer I know I have, making small adjustments as I move forward and keeping my vision clear.

So why do I buy the products on my website? What is involved behind the scenes? What is my process?

I guess my starting point is from a personal point of view. What do I think women should wear and why? Of course, this is controlled with many restrictions; inventory availability, price point, shipment dates. This is all the business stuff! The fun stuff is the creative process I go through when I decide to buy a product.

I am a very tactile person. I am also very skin sensitive. Although I do bring in some synthetics to the store, I personally would sell only linen and cotton. Natural fabrics are my favorites. I know nowadays there are amazing blends on the market that feel and look great, and I do bring them in, but, I am a cotton/linen babe!

When I go to an apparel show, if I like the look of the clothing, I walk into a booth and touch all the fabrics. If I don’t like the feel, I say thank you and leave. Then combined with the look of the clothing, something will catch my eye I think my customer would wear. 

The average woman in the US is about 5’5” tall, size 14 the last time I looked, and if she buys my clothing, she is most likely 50 years old woman and up. There are so many wonderful clothing stores to choose from, the next question is, how do I stand out in the crowd? 

Since I closed the brick-and-mortar at the beginning of Covid, and drastically evolved my business, this is an important question. I do my best to stand out in the crowd by carefully listening to my customers. When they have a voice, positive or negative, I listen with both ears. By doing so, I have created a very specific brand. 

I order products that are in a specific price point range, easy to wear, comfortable, wearable by a typical 50+ woman, good quality fabrics, well made, not basic, and hopefully not on everyone else's website! 

This is an ever-evolving process. I am constantly learning. I do take risks to shake things up sometimes. Sometimes the results are worth the stress, other times, not so much. 

I  have a creative streek in me, and I know this plays a major factor in everything I do and makes my website uniquely mine. My hope is you like it and like to wear the products I offer you.

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