Meaure Yourself Saves alot of Returns

Meaure Yourself Pretty Please

Now more than ever, most of us are only comfortable shopping online. Many do not even going close to a fitting room. Trying to buy a garment online can be a real pain, especially if you are not a rack size, nor have mannequin measurements.Returns are so time consuming, for both the customer and the business. It is loose - loose on both ends. The customer did not get to keep the new garment and the business did not get to keep the sale. Moving forward in this new mostly online world of ours, how can we make this situation a bit better?

Measuring is the most important first step. The customer really needs to know her recent measurements, be familiar with her body type, helping her feel more confident the garment style and size will be a good choice. 

Start with a pre clothing fitting. Before you even open a e-commerce site to buy yourself something new, do a body measurement session in front of your mirror.

The retailer’s responsibility is also to be in tune with the styles of the garments, what body types they will flatter and each garment is measured and sized.

All women’s body’s have their issues with fit. No matter what a woman's size is, (this can fluctuate between manufacturers, so this can not be a good indicator), measuring will tell the truth. 

Some women are thick waisted, short waisted, wide hips, no hips, big busted, no bust, big arms, small butt! You need to know your numbers!

I measure each garment in my inventory the same. I standardize this so I have a go-to when I help customers determine if a garment they are looking at on my website firstly will fit, and and secondly will look flattering. 

I have to say, this extra step is so beneficial to ordering clothing online.

Check out the simple measurement template I have created one you can download and measure yourself.

Your Measurements Here is the link. 👇

Here is the Link to your Personal Measurement Template

How do you measure your body? Follow the template guide, enter your measurements in the little boxes provided. Maybe every 4 months do an update.

And have it handy when ordering a new garment online! You will save yourself a lot of time and effort and your success rate of loving your new purchase will sky rocket.

How to Measure Yourselft

Here is the Link to your Personal Measurement Template 👈

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