Vintage Macy's Pararade

Thanksgiving is here. Most of us across the country are going to be feasting with our family and loved ones  just days after large sections of our country stopped breathing. I live in NYC. My business is in NYC. We are all in a strange place in our hearts and our minds because the election did not go the way we desperately wanted. It seems like all the air is vacuumed out of our lungs, out of our days and out of the city. Not their city. Our city.


Vintage Macy's Parade

The polarized future is going to be really scary for many of us. This is not a political piece I want to write today. This is a note of remembrance. Thanksgiving Day reminds us to think about what we are thankful for. This year, it may be reminding us what we should have been thankful for. It is going to remind us never to take anything for granted. It is an American personality trait. We must stop.

Vintage Macy's Parade

I pride myself trying to be a positive person. In my mind, there always is an escape. If I try hard enough I can fix anything. Even if given less, I am thankful for what I have but never stop trying to make it better. This Thanksgiving reminds me that if I bottom out; if we bottom out, the only way to go is up!

Vintage Macy's Parade

My life, my business and now my city and my home all have this commonality. This is life. You just keep going and keep trying and keep strong and keep loving life.


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