Jianhui London support disadvantage women

Skillful artisans are from disadvantaged backgrounds

This is a Blog from Jianhui London, an amazing artist and humanitarian. It is a thrill for me to promote his products on my website.

"Most of our skilful artisans are from disadvantaged backgrounds. Some are single mothers with young children. For some, working for Jianhui London is their only source of income. We offer them flexible jobs that give them a good work/ life balance which allows them to raise their children. We respect our artisans and the salary we pay them is more than double the usual salary for the same type of job. During the global pandemic, Jianhui has been supporting his artisans financially from his own savings. We also try to give our artisans as much work as possible, such as making samples and stock for next year. We are proud of the role we play in having an ethical supply chain. As a sustainable jewellery designer, we believe in working harder to ensure that everyone making our designs are paid decent wages that contribute to the local economy and their way of life.

We keep our environmental footprint as low as possible. In the case of our leather necklaces, we don’t consume extra energy to make them. We buy our recycled leather from a market that specialises in it, and it’s cut near the site so that our materials aren’t travelling long distances. We use an electricity-free foot pedal machine to cut the geometric shapes. Irregular shape pieces are hand cut. Once again, we champion sustainability so that you can feel good about wearing our designs."

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