Small Business Journey

My neighbor came in my store yesterday and told me her retail business is closing.

She then said she felt very bad about herself. She had never not succeeded in something in 35 years.

I felt  for her. This weighed on my mind all day. I passed the story onto a friend of mine.

Her reply was so simple. “That’s really good for 35 years”!

Her spin on this really made me think. Yes, it is really good. In fact, it is a great record!  Many times when things aren’t going our way, we forget everything we have ever accomplished and hyper focus on the present. We only see our failures and forget to backtrack at our record of achievements.

How we have become successful in the first place has been a chain of events, stepping stones and building tools and knowledge. Even if my neighbor has to close her business, she has to remember one thing. She built her business, ran her business and it was at one time successful!

She can do it again! If she chooses not to start another business and find employment, that is o.k.!

This is not a failure. She is not a failure. This is a process that we all are all going through. What comes out the other side is a risk in all entrepreneurships but the value we obtain from the journey I think is well worth it!

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