Richard Branson

Thank You Richard Branson

I went to see Richard Branson this week. He was being interviewed at Time Talk, produced by Lincoln Center. We all know who he is. I know he owns Virgin Airlines. I know he has been working on his space travel project for the last few years. I forgot he owned Virgin Records. Years ago, this was a huge business. He now owns Virgin Group, I think a conglomerate of about 200 businesses. The night I saw him, he was asked what his first business was. He reminisces it was a newspaper. He wanted to protest the Vietnam War.   Honestly, I couldn’t put my finger on why I spent the money and time to hear him speak, but I really wanted to. I know now why. I was looking for inspiration, and from what a better source than he.  I took away a few pointers that I already knew, but from his mouth, they sounded real. They sounded not like comfort words, He re-enforced them. He kept his advice simple. 1) Failing is good. Learn from it, regroup and keep going. 2) Keep morphing. Don’t stand still with your business. You won’t have one if you do 3) Passion keeps you sustained. Passion is what feeds the entrepreneur.  Thank you Richard Branson

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