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Transitional Clothing

Enwrap with Karma Dress from FlaxGrey Duster by G9C


Peacock Ways Embroidered Tunic

Department stores totally change inventory months before a new season is to start. I am going to Kmart tonight hoping to find Christmas twinkle lights for my store. It is the middle of September! Since shopping for winter clothing in July is psychologically impossible, I have been bringing in what my vendors call

‚ÄúTransitional Clothing‚ÄĚ.

 Transitional clothing can also mean layering. Saves on money! If you are hot, take off a layer. If you are cold, add a layer. In the retail world, fashion gets in the way of being practical. Our clocks are set for the next season way before the climate changes. What to do when it is 85 degrees outside but you want to wear fall in September? Addition to climate change affecting our buying patterns, I believe the change of seasons is a yearning for renewal. To start over. The change it for the better. To buy new cloths! :)

Loius Jacket by Yasuko
For the last few years I have brought in transitional pieces into the store and the move has been a great success. Going forward through fall/ winter blending this seasons colors and textures look and feel great with these new additions.

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