Wanna Wear a Poncho?


Wearing a Poncho is not supposed to be difficult! I admit, I love ponchos. I am a very lazy dresser and any type of garb that I can throw on in two seconds, wear with different outfits and take on or off in a moment’s notice is a winner for me!

Beautiful Woman Wear a Poncho

The poncho came in with the Boho look a few years back so if you are young and thin and tall you will look like this woman wearing a poncho. If you have a face like hers as well, you are all set for the runway. You can even hold your own fan to achieve that slight wind-blown look :)


What if you do not look like this woman in the picture? Most of us don’t BTW! Don’t be intimidated! We all can wear a poncho this season. In fact, I am wearing one right now…. you will just have to trust me on this…..

Average Size Woman Wearing a Poncho

Ponchos have a lot of fabric. Some can be played with and worn at different angels. Stand in front of a mirror for a few minutes and experiment. Wear it asymmetrical and the diagonal line will cut your fuller hips and give the illusion of a slimmer bottom.

 Older Woman Wearing a Poncho

Any age woman can look fantastic in a poncho and they are easy to wear. Hot flashes? Rip if off before you can say Poncho! Want some confident coverage? Wear a poncho!

 1960's Women Wearing Ponchos

Now, for fun, I want to surface some horrible memories of my past. Let me remind you of how far we have come regarding the poncho. Just looking at this picture makes my finger- tips recoil. Remember the synthetic fibers of the 60’s! They would melt if a cigarette ash landed on your beloved poncho most likely  croqueted by your mother while chain smoking Kents.


So, let’s admit, we have come a long way. Wear one. Enjoy the versatility and stylish edge that ponchos offer!

Cashmere Poncho from Marjory Warren Boutique



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