Women Friendships are so important

We Need Each Other

I am a member of the over 60+ crowd. Teenage years watching Charlie Angels, and listening to Super Tramp. Disco dancing in my late teens. Modeled in Europe and Japan, then the natural progression to acting on network TV in the 80's. Got married and had kids. Being a mom has a lifetime of rewards, and is lifelong identity. I am grateful for all of these achievements. I am grateful for my life.
Owning an online boutique, serving women over 50, keeps me extraordinary busy and would have it no other way. Working with women in this age group, and older, I know so many of us need the support of other women. Never married, divorced, widowed, so many are alone. Even if some have a partner, having women friendships are so important to our mental health. With the pandemic of the last few years, joining forces with other women via zoom groups, walks in the park or long chats on the phone, so many of us have learned we need each other.
Personally, I am a bit of a loner. Love being by myself. I do have my limits. I know I need someone to chat with when I catch myself talking to myself... way too much ;)
What I have learned through this pandemic is we need one another, we love our friends and family, even the ones that drive us crazy...and we are tougher than we thought.
The Over 60 Woman

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