What is the Hamburger on and Eccomerce site for?

What is the Hamburger and What is it have to do with online shopping?

I send out email campaigns to my customers, presenting all the new inventory to their phone, iPad or home computer. Customers are much more reliant with this connection since stores are much more online, I want to address little questions coming to my attention.

What is the Hamburger and What Does it Do?

Customers use their phone to read emails more and more. Since online shopping is exploding, so are their inboxes. Most stores are sending emails, opening up directly to a website where a customer can browse all the products offered, not just the few displayed in the email. 

How can you get there? This little tutorial is for those not tech savvy and need the basics.

Once you receive an email from Marjory Warren ( and most retailers) with images and of course awesome products, you have a few options. Double click on the images, and this will take you directly to the product page on the website, or click on the name of the website (URL), so mine is www.marjorywarrenboutique.com. If it is properly linked to the website, it will be displayed in a color, usually pale blue or another pale color and underlined. Also, a buy button, or Read More ect. will take you to the website as well. 

So, you are on your phone, you have clicked the link and now the website is displayed. How do you see the products on your phone? (Always easier to maneuver on your computer). The top left of the website page on your phone will have a little icon with 3 stacked lines. 

Hamburger IconHamburger IconHamburger

This is called a hamburger. Examples of the Hamburger... (not last one)

Click and this will open up the drop down menu. From there you can start choosing what you would like to find and browse. Simple as that! 

I have added a few step by step pictures to follow. I hope this clarifies the steps for some of you.

#1                               #2                                 #3

Email Image  email image    Email Image 

       #4                                  #5

      email image      Email Image


As the saying goes, you don’t know something until you know it! 

Now you know!

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