Collection: Women's Casual Dresses

Women's Casual Dresses offered for all age women. We curate dresses that are comfortable, with lots of wiggle room, fun prints and fabrics. We specialize is loose fit, eye catching dresses designed most body types. Always available  in easy care, feel good fabrics. 

  • Handblocked Cotton Kaftan

    Regular price $ 95.00 USD
    Regular price $ 155.00 USD Sale price $ 95.00 USD
    Handprinted Indian Cotton Kaftan in a mixture of colors and patterns. A tied silk sash is bowed just above the waist.
  • Two Pocket Tank Dress

    Regular price $ 57.50 USD
    Regular price $ 115.00 USD Sale price $ 57.50 USD
    Smiling woman posing outsind wearing a tank dress with a slight bubble shape. It has 2 large front pockets and is a mocha colored seersucker fabric.
  • Hemp Tunic Dress

    Regular price $ 95.00 USD
    Regular price Sale price $ 95.00 USD
    Smiling older woman with cropped curly blond hair wearing a hemp dress with short sleeves and mulit colored polka dot print. She is wearing a wooden necklace and funky bracelet.
  • One Pocket Cotton Dress

    Regular price $ 68.00 USD
    Regular price Sale price $ 68.00 USD
    Short sleeve lavender aline dress with ond front pocket in a pretty textured cotton.
  • Linen Dramatic Dress

    Regular price $ 138.00 USD
    Regular price Sale price $ 138.00 USD
    Grey hair woman wearing a blush Linen dress with linen light brown flood pants. She is standing in the middle of the street.
  • Cotton Handprinted Dress

    Regular price $ 145.00 USD
    Regular price $ 185.00 USD Sale price $ 145.00 USD
    Woman with cropped grey hair looking off camera. She is wearing a woven large beaded necklace in taupe and black. She is also wearing a cotton dress handprinted with black and taupe colors.
  • Hand Painted Maxi Dress

    Regular price $ 115.00 USD
    Regular price $ 205.00 USD Sale price $ 115.00 USD
    Older woman with blond hair wearing a handpainted maxi dress. Multi colors blends of blues, greens, brinks and greys. Fun accessories styled with the dress.
    Sold out
  • Blocked Color Cotton Dress

    Regular price $ 129.00 USD
    Regular price Sale price $ 129.00 USD
    Women's Loose Fit Multi Color Double Cotton Gauze Dress worn by a smiling woman wearing sandles and a fun head scarf.
  • Bubble Dress

    Regular price $ 109.00 USD
    Regular price $ 138.00 USD Sale price $ 109.00 USD
    Woman with cropped grey hair wearing a lighyt beige-off white plaid print loose fit dress with two large front pockets. She is wearing a artistic black and beige necklace and black sandles.
    Sold out
  • Christy Dress Textured Rayon

    Regular price $ 72.50 USD
    Regular price $ 145.00 USD Sale price $ 72.50 USD
    Grey haired woman standing in a park wearing a lapis blue dress with 2 front pockes with yellow earrings.
  • Myla Dress

    Regular price $ 25.00 USD
    Regular price $ 105.00 USD Sale price $ 25.00 USD
    Summer Cotton Dress
  • Linen Collared Dress

    Regular price $ 98.00 USD
    Regular price $ 138.00 USD Sale price $ 98.00 USD
    Happy woman with cropped curly hair wearing a linen long grey pinstripe tunic with matching pants. She is wearing a funky statement necklae and black open toe shoes.
  • Lavender Two Pocket Tank Dress

    Regular price $ 135.00 USD
    Regular price $ 115.00 USD Sale price $ 135.00 USD
    Pretty lavender two pocket tank dress hanging on a vintage hanger.