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  • Taqua and woven beaded necklace is being worn on a happy woman with cropped curly blond hair. She is wearing a linen loose fit white and black grid top.
  • Grinning older woman with very short hair looking off in the distance. She is wearing  woven disc shaped red earrings,  bright mulit colored woven beaded necklace and taqua chipped multi colored bracelette. She is also wearing a white linen button down shirt.
  • Grand Cascade Necklace
  • Taqua chips and woven beads strung on a black cord adjustable necklace. Mulit bright colors.
  • Taqua chips and handwoven beaded adjustable necklace in blue tones worn with a short sleeve blue women's tee all dresses on an old cloth mannequin standing infront of a hand painted wooden cabnet.
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Grand Cascade Necklace

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Grand Cascade Necklace is made from an ethically sourced Brand. Offering sustainable jewelry in up-cycled and re-cycled green materials. Hand-Woven Iraca and Tagua Beads Hanging on an adjustable faux leather cord. Wear high or lower, this extremely lightweight handmade artisan necklace can adorn all of your summer looks. Made in Colombia

Necklace Measurements: Can be extended to 20"