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  • Browns large kantha tote bag.
  • Tumeric & Browns kantha large tote bag.
  • interior browns kantha tote bag.
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Tumeric Kantha Large Tote

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Tumeric Kantha Large Tote Bag is made from vintage, heavy-stitch kanthas. Kanthas are made from old, recycled saris that are hand-stitched (this is the Kantha stitch and where the name comes from) with multiple layers of saris. No two are the same. The Tumeric Kantha Large Tote Bag has lengthy straps so carrying over your shoulder is comfortable. You will notice some wear on the fabric and some patches that add to the beauty and story of each piece. 

  • Made in India
  • Fabric: 100% Cotton
  • Dimensions" 18" x 25"