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  • Tie Dye Jacket in a blend of purples and blues with a larger collar and 2 side seam pockets.
  • Purple and blue tie dye aline shaped jacket worn with a purplish necklace.
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Collared Heavy Cotton Jacket

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Collared Heavy Cotton Jacket is designed with a flared Aline Cut shape. Perfect for 3 season weather, so wear it sitting with a friend in a park or dress up to go to dinner. There is lots of movement and flow to this tie dye printed womens coat.  This is a beautiful Artisan Garment.  Each Tie-Dye Colorway and Design is One Of A Kind. All Collared Heavy Cotton Jackets designed with primarily blues and purples. 
  • 3/4 sleeve length
  • Fabric:100% Heavy Cotton. Machine Wash

48" 25" 26"
Length (shoulder to hem) 33/36" 33/36" 34/37"