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Enjoying Our Lives

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I had a wonderful conversation with a customer yesterday. The subject was keeping our focus on enjoying our day to day lives as we get older. This is something I really try to stay on course with. Some days are harder than others. When I catch myself self endulging in misery, I regroup and set my head straight. Enjoy the little things, everyday

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Spring Starts Next Week

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We all have our Own Style.

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Instagram How To Do a Roundabout For My Women Small Business Owners

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Here is a little Instagram help for all the women entrepreneurs trying to figure it all out. Learn how to use Roundabout!

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Spring Colors and Trade Shows

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I just got back from the January apparel show in New York City. When I walk into the Javits Centre I am offered a smorgasbord of fashion choices and am reminded of the never ending retail cycle. This is the second round of Spring buying for my store. I am always behind! What I pick this week will end up on my racks for late Spring and Summer. What I find interesting is the subtle fashion changes offered to me, transitioning from show to show. Supposedly, a trending style takes three years to get out of the system. Sometimes, there...

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Happy New Year

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The New Year So, this is my story. Many have heard it. Maybe even a few times. Took over the family business. Very little business experience. Lost lease. Moved to East Village. Almost went out of business after the hurricane. Took a picture of .35 cents I had to my name. Co-oped space to make rent. Three years later….. The new year for me is full of promise and strong growth. (if there is no hurricane and-or pollical upheaval, or Acopalypse……whatever! Funny, now I feel so responsible not to make a misstep. Taking in all I have learned, I want...

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